Owren 400

For selective logging in the interior of British Columbia, the Owren 400 has proved itself to be superior. It's ability to move on small trails, to reach the edge of a ravine, and the short moving and rigging time. The versatility and ease of operation of the Owren 400 yarder makes the logging of small volumes in remote areas more economical than ever before.

In thinning operations the Owren 400 performs with excellence. The slackpulling carriage is capable of 100 feet 1/2" drop line, and thanks to the hydrostatic drive all control of the lines is significantly improved compared to other yarding systems.

To increase the lifting capacity in moments of poor deflection, it is recommendable to rig a tailtree. This must be stabilized by three or four 10-ton guy lines, preferably fibre straps tensioned by ratchets. The three-section drum of the efficient slack-pulling carriage has a capacity of 100 feet 1/2" drop line. The dropline enters the middle drum section, while the main and slack pulling lines enter the side sections. Intermediate support can be used with a running skyline or a fixed skyline, using the same carriage.

The term running skyline refers to a yarding system of two or more suspended moving lines (generally called main and haulback). Once properly tensioned, these lines provide lift and travel to the loaded or unloaded carriage. The OWREN 400 allows you to operate the main, haulback, and slackpulling lines all dependent and independent of each other. It is a yarding system of unequalled flexibility and ease of use. The carriage can easily be moved forwards and backwards during inhaul of the load, thereby preventing damage to standing trees and avoiding problems with loads getting stuck. It is also easy to adjust line tension and length of drop line during inhaul and outhaul.

The set-up tirne is very short due to the thin mounting line and light fibrestraps for tailhold rigging. The hydrostatic drive gives you full control of the lines. That means that downhill yarding becornes very easy since brakes are not needed. In a clearcut situation the change of road can be done in rninutes by using the drop line to change tailhold.The Owren 400 yarder with its uniquely designed hydrostatic interlock system brings fuel consumption well below 1 liter per cubic meter.

The OWREN 400 yarder is electrohydraulically controlled via cable (max. 40 meters) and two joysticks placed on the freestanding remote control console.

Scandinavian Quality

Trygve Owren Ltd. is located a few kilometers south of Lillehammer, Norway.
The Owren company, established in 1951, has long experience in developing and building equipment for forestry and agriculture. In the early seventies OWREN started developing hydrostatic driven equipment for the construction and forest industry. From the first VARIOTRAC (rubbertired crawler) to the famous OWREN 400, the company has showed it's ability to develop equipment for harvesting timber in difficult terrain. The company is also the exclusive national dealer for HÄGGLUNDS vehicles, PRINOTH snowgrooming machines and LATEMAR snowguns.

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Leitwolf m/vinsj til salgs

Leitwolf m/vinsj til salgs

Type: Prinoth Leitwolf m/Vinsj
Årsmodell: 2010
Arbeidstimer: 6257 timer
Motor: Man 435 hk

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